People are not really accustomed to sleeping naked. In fact, only 10% of Americans sleep naked. But didn’t you know that sleeping naked has a lot of benefits? Below are 10 interesting facts about sleeping naked that will surely encourage you to sleep in the buff.

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10 Sleeping naked can benefit the skin because it frees the body from the confines of your clothes. Since you are not wearing clothes, the oxygen uptake of the skin is improved.


9 It provides skin to skin contact thus the exchange of Oxytocin is easily released to your partner if you sleep naked. Oxytocin is considered as a love hormone and it has a lot of benefits to the body and also improves your relationship with your partner.


8 Sleeping naked cools down the body, thus allowing the skin to repair itself easily. So, sleeping naked helps prevent wrinkles.


7 Studies show that sleeping naked can prevent the onset of Type 2 diabetes. Sleeping naked can help the activation of brown fat that can help manage blood sugar levels.


6 Studies show that the body achieves better quality of sleep if the temperature is cool. The temperature can be lowered if you sleep naked.


5 Skin diseases like athlete’s foot and other fungal diseases are reduced if you sleep naked because your skin, particularly in the armpits and private parts, are freed from the constriction of clothes.


4 Sleeping naked can help regulate the cortisol levels of your body. When you sleep naked, your body produces cortisol better. Cortisol is very important in controlling weight gain, anxiety levels and cravings.


3 When you sleep naked, you keep the temperature of your body below 70 degrees thus helping you regulate your melatonin levels. If you sleep with clothes on, your body heats up thus preventing the body to use the hormones properly.


2 Sleeping naked can benefit women as it reduces the risk of developing yeast infection. Yeast infection happens if the private areas are subjected to moist and warm conditions. Women who sleep in the nude improve the air flow on their body thus preventing yeast infection.


1 You can save energy if you sleep naked. You don’t need to turn on the air conditioner to keep your body cool during summer nights. Imagine how much savings on your utility bill you can save.


Exclusive Bonus: Click Here to Download a PDF Version of these amazing facts.

+ Bonus Knowledge Nugget

It seems that people who sleep naked live happier lives. In a survey conducted on 1,000 British participants, researchers found out that 57% of nude sleepers were happier than those who wear pajamas to bed.