If you haven’t visited Texas, then you are missing out on a lot. This is where you can chew on fried bubble gum, marvel at the state tree (the pecan tree,) and listen to some of the best bluegrass music in the world. Texas is the Lone Star State, named so for its unique state flag that features just one single star. Yet, did you know that Texas is the only state in the nation to have 6 different national flags fly over it? The flags were Spain, France, Mexico, the Confederacy, the Republic of Texas, and the United States of America. Here are more cool facts about Texas!

10 Texas is Home to the Live Music Capital of the World

Source: National Geographic
Source: National Geographic

The city of Austin is where to go if you want to experience an awesome concert atmosphere.

9 A Friendly Namesake


The name “Texas” is the Hasinai Indian word for “friends” (tejas.)

8 Texas is Batty!

Source: National Geographic
Source: National Geographic

It turns out that this U.S. state contains the most bat species in the entire nation.

7 Roll with the Punches


The southwestern mascot, the armadillo, is the official state animal of Texas.

6 Pliers are Outlawed


It is against the law for a person to be in possession of a pair of pliers, but they somehow make do.

5 Austin is a Huge Hotspot


In fact, about 70% of Texans live within a 200-mile radius of this city.

4 A Fabulous Farmland


There are over 23,000 farms in Texas, spanning some 132,000 acres of land!

3 Mighty Mountains

Source: Summit Post
Source: Summit Post

Texas is also home to some 90 majestic mountains, with the highest being Guadalupe Peak.

2 Extreme Country Vibes


Holding true to the South, Texas’s state dance is the square dance, and the state dish is chili.

1 All Fried Up

Source: NTXE News
Source: NTXE News

Texans are willing to fry anything, and some popular choices are butter, pies, okra, and chicken steak.

+ Bonus Knowledge Nuggets

Texas is actually not as large as it could have been, but the Compromise of 1850 stopped the state from expanding into Mexico. Today, Texas is surrounded by the states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, and of course the country of Mexico to the south. Did you know that Hurricane Ike was a Category 4 storm that hit Galveston, Texas in September 2013? To date, it is the third costliest hurricane in U.S. history!  But we know that you “don’t mess with Texas” (that was actually an anti-littering campaign slogan).

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