Even if you have never been there, you can admit that Japan is one interesting country. After reading our list of 10 super-fascinating facts about Japan, you will be eager to pack your bags and book your ticket. From the religion and the economy, to their lifestyle and natural beauty, Japan is a wonderful place. It also has some pretty strange and incredible tidbits. So take a moment or two to read about this popular Asian country. You will be surprised by how much you will learn! And our apologies, but we don’t have any sushi to offer you!

10 Japan by Another Name

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In Japanese, it is called “Nippon”, which means “from the sun.”

9 An Island Nation

JapanJapan is a country that is made up of over 6,000 islands!

8 Majestic Mountain Views

JapanMount Fuji in Japan is super tall: 12,388 feet tall!

7 Too Many People?

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In Japan alone, there are over 120,000,000 people.

6 Ring of Fire

JapanJapan sits among the “Ring of Fire,” a land area where volcanoes are quite common.

5 Nature Lovers, Unite!

JapanAbout 75% of the country is made up of nature, such as mountains and woods.

4 An Ancient Home

JapanThe ancient civilizations of Japan date back thousands of years.

3 Look Out Below!

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Due to its large amount of manufacturing and power plants, Japan deals with periods of acid rain.

2 King of the Nerds

JapanJapan is a technological giant, and is a worldwide leader in the field of robotics.

1 Famous Names

Facts About Japan
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If you love Sony, Toshiba, Honda, Toyota, or Nintendo, you can thank Japan for that.

Show Me the Proof

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+ Bonus Knowledge Nugget

Interestingly enouh, in Japan, there are 4 alphabets: Katakana, Kanji, Hiragana, and Romaji.