No road trip across the United States is complete with a visit to the famous Yellowstone National Park. There are so many reasons to visit. For example, a 2,500-year-old hot spring is located in Yellowstone, and is only one of the many thermal features of the national park. Since this natural attraction is so incredible, we are dedicating an entire list to it. Here are 10 surprising Yellowstone facts that you can’t unlearn. And you won’t want to anyway. Whichever of the 5 entrances you use to get in, be sure to explore the 287 campgrounds and 950 miles of trails.

10 Yellowstone National Park is Huge

Yellowstone Facts

And by huge, we mean over 2,000,000 acres of land.

9 Yellowstone Takes Up 3 States

 Yellowstone Facts

It is mostly in Wyoming, but it spills over into Montana and Idaho as well.

8 Environmentally Awesome

 Yellowstone Facts

You may know it’s a World Heritage Site, but it’s also a designated Biosphere Reserve.

7 A Hotspot for Seismic Activity

 Yellowstone Facts

Apparently, Yellowstone goes through lots of earthquakes – between 1,000 and 3,000 every year.

6 You’ll Fall for Yellowstone

 Yellowstone Facts

There are 40 beautiful waterfalls throughout Yellowstone National Park.

5 Lots of Hot Attractions

 Yellowstone Facts

Talk about a hotspot; there are about 300 geysers at Yellowstone.

4 It All Starts Here

 Yellowstone Facts

Yellowstone is the starting point for 12 major river systems in the United States.

3 A Big Happy Family

 Yellowstone Facts

There are loads of animal and bird species in Yellowstone, 5 of which are threatened or endangered.

2 Beware of Bison

 Yellowstone Facts

Yellowstone is home to the largest herd of bison anywhere, and they’re free-roaming.

1 Come in Peace

 Yellowstone Facts

Hunting fowl and animals has been illegal in Yellowstone since 1883.

+ Bonus Knowledge Nuggets

Yellowstone National Park is old – dating back to 1872! And guess what? It is totally alive and kicking; it even expanded and continues to attract thousands of visitors every year. Plus, Yellowstone has a long history of Native American habitation (12,000 years of history.)

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