Whether you are a practicing Christian or not, you probably have some inkling (and doubts) about the Noah’s Ark. After all, this is a story from the Bible that was told to young children all over the world, and even if you didn’t hear it growing up, you must’ve come across it in your studies or in pop culture. So here we have 10 interesting facts about Noahs ark that’ll probably shock you. First of all, the whole idea of a massive flood wiping out humanity is pretty incredible, so we can only imagine what these tidbits are going to tell us. Prepare to have your mind blown!

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10 Noah was the Grandson of the Oldest Dude on Earth

Facts about Noahs ArkHis grandfather was Methuselah, who lived to be a mind-boggling 969 years old!

9 Noah was an Old Dad

Facts about Noahs ArkApparently, he had already lived 500 years before he became a parent.

8 Noah Tried to Warn the Others

Facts about Noahs ArkGod filled His plan to destroy humanity and Noah tried to get the people to repent, but no dice.

7 Noah was Loyal Until the End

Facts about Noahs ArkBesides, obeying the incredible demand to build a huge ark, Noah also sacrificed to God once he got out of said ark, post-flood.

6 Noah was a Typical Human Sometimes

Facts about Noahs Ark
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Despite the building of  the ark and saving himself, Noah still sinned and ended up drunk and naked in his tent (his kids even saw him!)

5 Noah Cursed One of His Sons

Facts about Noahs ArkHe cursed his son Ham because Ham looked upon his father’s nakedness in the tent, while his brothers kept their backs to him.

4 Noah Lived a Long Life

Facts about Noahs Ark
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He was only 950 years old when he died; no big deal.

3 Noah Was the Ultimate Dad

Facts about Noahs ArkHe essentially fathered the rest of humanity after himself and is quoted as saying “be fruitful and multiply.”

2 No one Knows Noah’s Wood

Facts about Noahs ArkWe still don’t know whether he used gopher wood, cypress trees, or something else?

1 Noah’s Ark was Humongous

Facts about Noahs Ark
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And by that we mean that it measured 450 feet long, 45 feet tall, and 75 feet across.

Exclusive Bonus: Click Here to Download 15 MORE Interesting Facts About Noah’s Ark That’ll Probably Shock You.

10 Bonus Knowledge Nuggets

Let’s learn even more about this ancient ark, shall we? The ark is mentioned in the Quran, where it is referred to as the SafinaNuh, or “Noah’s boat.” Historians have traced the earliest mentioning of Noah’s Ark to about 275-339 CE. That is after the Epic of Ziusadra, the Sumerian flood story.

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