10 Interesting Facts about Pablo Escobar


Pablo Escobar, very simply put, was a Colombian drug Lord and a man of many mysteries. The drug that he dealt with primarily was cocaine and the US was his main export location, which soon earned him the name ‘King of Cocaine’ – understandable since at the peak of his career, his cartel was earning more than $60 million every day.

You might find it hard to believe, but he did attend University, even if it was for a short while and eventually gave his academics up for a life of petty theft and crime – which eventually of course turned into a full-time raging drug activity. The governments of both countries (the US and Colombia) worked day and night to put an end to Escobar’s career, but surprisingly, his people and a large community of the poor and deprived of Colombia actually looked up to him.

He seemed to be a natural at public speeches and building strong interpersonal relationships. His main contribution was towards sport in his society – building football stadiums and sponsoring sporting events, but were not limited to that. He also helped build several churches and schools in his lifetime – cutting a “Robin Hood” image among his own people.

The Colombian National Police eventually got him. Having discovered his hiding place, and chasing him across a rooftop of his hideout, they were eventually able to shoot him down and kill him on the spot. His funeral was attended by thousands, especially the poor whom he had helped and donated money to throughout his lifetime. Enjoy these 10 facts about Pablo Escobar.