School is where all our parents blindly sent us to in our most formative years to gain some much-needed knowledge. The knowledge that we could use and apply in our daily lives to build us into strong, intelligent human beings. However, did you ever stop to wonder if Van Gogh did really cut off his ear?

This is probably one piece of information from Art or History class that you actually paid attention to, because of how quirky it sounds. Well, there are new theories that claim that he actually lost his ear in a fight with another painter. This story, however, doesn’t prove how crazy artists were, enough to slice off their own ears.

Or the fact that Christopher Columbus discovered America. If you believe that, don’t slap yourself yet since that’s what almost everybody around you was taught in school. In fact, America had been discovered by a Viking warrior in 1000 AD, much before Columbus set foot on the land.

In fact, Columbus is credited with a lot of things in schools which he didn’t seem to have done – another one being that the earth is round. Well, the earth is round, but it had been proved by Greek mathematicians nearly two thousand years before Columbus was even born.

The following is an infographic to enlighten you about twelve lies your teacher taught you in school.

12 of the Biggest Lies Youve Been Taught in School - Infograph-01

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