10 Interesting Egyptian Facts You Never Knew

By BogglingFacts -October 2, 20152995
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The ancient Egyptians have faded into legend, but that doesn’t stop modern day society’s fascination with their culture. It was a civilization that achieved unbelievable feats of architecture and science, and was littered with absolutely awesome displays of power. Here are 10 interesting Egyptian facts you probably never realized:

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10 If the bandages of a mummy were unwrapped, they would stretch out over 1.6 kilometers.
109 The Egyptians were considered to be the most dominant civilization in the Mediterranean for 30 generations.
98 The Egyptians are credited with inventing many modern day items like the pen, papyrus sheets, bowling, the door lock, and even toothpaste.
87 The first Egyptian dynasty was started when King Menes conquered the northern Egyptian realms in 3100 B.C.
Via wikimedia.org
Via wikimedia.org
6 Both women and men wore makeup in Egyptian society, usually green or black, due to the resources nearby.
Via flickr.com
Via flickr.com

5 Egypt was another victim of Alexander the Great, falling to his forces in 332 B.C.
54 The largest Egyptian structure is the Pyramid of Khufu, which weighs about 16 times that of the Empire State building.
43 The world’s very first major stone building is credited to the Egyptians: the Step-Pyramid at Saqqara.
32 Starting in 31 B.C., Egyptians were under Roman rule and Christianity was their main religion for the next 600 years.
21 Egyptians invented perhaps the very first board game. Senet was a game using tossed sticks like die and movable pieces.
Via wikimedia.org
Via wikimedia.org